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I just got this crazy idea: KUbuntu is Ubuntu with KDE instead of Gnome, XUbuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of Gnome... why not ScreenUbuntu with a nicely tweaked screen (text window manager, don't ask...) configuration? Add in a window manager like ratpoison, evilwm or maybe ion (need to think about which one) and put a lot of work in LaTeX support for all of Ubuntu (esp with non-western languages and stuff...).

Disabling Screensaver

My screensaver on my Office Ubuntu Breezy is locking up occasionally. The one at home is not. Both are set on blank screen.

Unless you can help me figure out what's locking up screensaver, I'd like to permanently disable it and just do ALT+F3 when I leave at night. (No one in my office knows Linux well enough to get in. Plus, we have tight security.)

Need some help if you could please. Using Breezy 5.10, my iptables firewall script doesn't let me pass NTP stuff except by command-line /usr/sbin/ntpdate. I know that all NTP needs is 123 UDP, but for some reason the gnome date/time applet in the GUI won't let me click "Synchronize" unless I drop my firewall. Can you identify for me what might be the cause? Here's my current /etc/ script:

Dapper Duck..

The latest Ubuntu release is not so far away anymore and there are betas released every now and then. So has anyone tried it? What are your experiences so far and how it compares to the hoary release?

If you happen to be an Ubuntu user or have at least gave it a try what is it that you like about it the most? In turn what is it that you dislike about it the most?

I like the way it integrated GNOME so its seamless to use without the need to customize too much (although, at least with GNOME, you can customize it all you want since it has great themes and themeing system). I also like the package manager (which is actually an universal debian treat) and the large selection of software in repos.