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FreeBSD, or arch?


So, I was thinking to myself, whether to replace my FreeBSD installation with Arch Linux, I installed it on a seperate partition the other day and found it very fast to boot to a fluxbox desktop (7 seconds, including login), but not as stable or secure as freebsd. Now, because I am going to use my computer to run a gamign server as wella s play some games, I need it to be secure, fast and have good video drivers. That isnt a problem for me, because I have r200 and r300 cards, which means I can use Xorg drivers Eye Thank God.

So, I am still unsure what to use, Linux has easier gaming, as in, not having to find different libs. FreeBSD is more stable and secure, but Arch is way faster.

Guess it will have to be Arch Linux for a while then Eye Something that will do what I want it to, quickly, without fuss, and I still get the nice /etc/rc.conf file for easy editing.

Lookout Arch, here I come Laughing out loud


hell ! 7 secs ! (measuring

hell ! 7 secs ! (measuring from when ?)
I don't want to believe my gentoo to be bloated.

7 secs and probably not

7 secs and probably not running any daemons. My arch doesn't boot in 7 seconds, it needs quite a bit more but of course I have a slow laptop harddisk and a few daemons:

DAEMONS=(syslog-ng acpid network @gpm dbus @crond hal dhcdbd @networkmanager @cpufreqd)

(daemons prefixed with @ get started in the background). Network only starts lo, eth0 and eth1 are managed by networkmanager. Maybe I could put gpm and crond before network to win a few milliseconds, but I might as well lose some that way... Doesn't really make a difference probably.

I just ran my system through

I just ran my system through bootchart. The /home partition is the slowest factor (fscking and mounting)

mounting manually takes several seconds. ouch. (clearing it up now and, if I can, letting it fill the whole disk.

I'd say, for gaming, between

I'd say, for gaming, between Arch and FreeBSD Arch is probably your best bet. There are ways to make it more secure. It's really all up to you and your security practices. I doubt GNU/Linux is too much less secure than FreeBSD.

Oh and yeah, Arch boots faster than most distros (sure faster than most I tried). Smiling

There is only one way ...

There is only one way ... Archlinux Eye. Arch is like women Sticking out tongue Sometimes it makes you sad, sometimes it makes you angry, but you'll love it forever Sticking out tongue.


Sounds about right Kermit.

Sounds about right Kermit.