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Gnu --> GNU

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Joined: 2006-07-13

After two and a half months of this website going online, I am thinking about going back to the name (officially, with website graphics, links, everything).
It (finally?) occured to me as I keep receiving remarks about this all the time, that not so many people share my belief that it is a good idea. So maybe it's time to admit I am completely wrong about this (it's very hard to do, you know). ;-)
I do not want to run this website as a personal thing where I decide of everything. Personally I prefer Gnu to GNU, but if everyone in the forums and wikis believes it should be GNU/Linux not Gnu/Linux, that's what we should do!

I'm sorry if you feel a bit annoyed now. I believe it's better to recognise I was wrong, even after so many discussions, than to keep the heading not wanting to change.

So, what do you think? Anyone wants to keep this name?

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Joined: 2006-05-04
I think GNU is better. It is

I think GNU is better. It is an acronym afterall. Eye

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Joined: 2005-12-20

Libervisco said it perfectly.