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Graphics, appearance

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Joined: 2006-07-13

While keeping in mind that we wish to remain very clear and simple, there are many things we can do.
A few proposals:


  • Link buttons!
    Get creative! there are tons of buttons we can make, following the great initiatives of the spreadfirefox and communities. If you want to build upon the existing ones, contact me (ariadacapo) directly for the original Gimp files.
  • .

  • Website title logo
    Some suggested it could be improved (I personally like it very much: simple, airy, clear). Any proposals welcome!
  • .

  • Improving box appearance
    There are many "boxes" on the site, many could be improved with round corners maybe ? Also, maybe more colors, different layout... everything is possible if it's light and clear.

As usual... any proposals / contributions welcome.

Joined: 2006-09-07
Tux is used for the favicon

Tux is used for the favicon maybe incorporate it into the header and have a different colour scheme for the header based on subject??

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