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Welcome GUILinux members and all Free Software users!

After discussing ways in which the two sites could cooperate for the mutual benefit we have decided to join and communities to create a bigger and better Free Software support community at

Instead of maintaining two separate websites with the same direction, which seemed unproductive and felt like more of a competition than a great Free Software and GNU/Linux family, we think that together we can do more. We hope that all members and contributors feel welcome in their new home. And we hope that anyone that has questions about GNU/Linux (and even other Free Operating Systems), no matter how great or small, will still look to us for answers. By teaming up, we should be able to succeed in providing better and innovative support, better discussions, and a better community as a whole.

Old will most likely be available as an archive in a special location which will be announced once it becomes available. members (as well as anyone else) can register here.

Background information:

Nuxified is an emerging Free Software support community website which covers all Free Operating System and Free Software running on them, though the focus is naturally set on GNU/Linux as the most used one. It aims to build a great community resource and a friendly place without common annoyances such as contradictory and excessive advertising (which is guided per the Libervis Network Advertising Policy) or rude "RTFMing" of newbies who ask for help. We strive to be innovative, modern and friendly to anyone who has the least interest in learning about their favourite Free Software.

GUILinux was started by Ruffdogs as a community discussion forum and news sites centered around support and promotion of graphical Linux distributions. It hosted original content and reviews, live IRC discussions and support, as well as providing headlines for relevant news published on other websites.

Ruffdogs, Inc. is North America's leading Linux software development, system strategy, support and training company. Ruffdogs' strategic solutions enable industry resellers the opportunity to capitalize on the exponential growth of Linux. Ruffdogs, Inc. software products include: Social MPN, OSCAR and Restore. Ruffdogs, Inc. regularly contributes back to the Linux community by improving and adding software and source code under General Public License. Website:

Thank you
Steven 'kryme' Brady
Danijel 'libervisco' Orsolic


Great news! This should help

Great news! This should help ever more users find us.

Well done, boys and girls

Well done, boys and girls !


Girls? You wish! Why isn't

Girls? You wish!

Why isn't this on LXer yet?

tbuitenh wrote: Girls? You

tbuitenh wrote:

Girls? You wish!

Why isn't this on LXer yet?

It was sent to LXer so it should be after a while bit.

Thanks Smiling

Congrats - well done


Hi folks, way to go :-)

Good luck with the cooperation :-)

Thanks everyone for support!

Thanks everyone for support! Smiling

We look forward to seeing you active in our forums! Eye (There's already a bunch of us that can answer questions and discuss alot of Free Software stuff).

If anyone from misses something here feel free to make a suggestion here.


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