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Haiku OS video presentation

The creator of Haiku Podcast has made a very nice video presenting Haiku OS, a BeOS-like Free Operating System which is now mostly in alpha stage and can already be used for simple things. This video shows that it's well on its way and I believe it has great potential as a possible future contender in the realm of Free Operating Systems, as they start developing some more exciting things based on the first release of Haiku. Here's the video:

Haiku video thumbnail



Quite nice, though I felt

Quite nice, though I felt the theme left something to be desired. I may one day give it a go, but the effort so far seems great.


Looks like it's starting to

Looks like it's starting to become a useful OS.

"Cool apps like ... clock" made me laugh Laughing out loud

Yeah the cool clock app made

Yeah the cool clock app made me chuckle a bit too. Smiling Some things shown are pretty cool though, like that memory usage and processes menus (showing how much is each process using CPU). That's pretty cool.

parody of Mac commericial

I think that clock thing was a parody of the Mac commercial that says what Windows comes with out-of-the-box.

I like the workspace application. I think X WMs will pick it up soon.

It might be the parody

It might be the parody indeed. Smiling

I also like the workspaces, it's one of the things I found pretty impressing.

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