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Help creating a forum topic

On there are two ways you can start a forum topic. You can go to forum index, navigate to the forum you would like to post in and then click the new topic button (as shown below). A form which loads will, in that case, already have your forum category preselected which is handy.

New topic button

However, you don't need to go through the forum index every time you want to post a new topic and you just might find this alternative way much easier and more straightforward. All you have to do is click on that "Need help? Ask here!" link available sitewide and you're in.

Let's go through the topic submission form. You'll probably only need to read this once as it's really easy. :)

forum topic subject
Enter the name of your new topic here. Something descriptive yet short is best. It can also be a question.

forum category selection
This lets you choose in which forum will your topic be posted. Please choose one which you think most closely fits. Also you can specify forum tags (related terms) by which you would like to associate your post.

forum content
This is where you describe your problem or issue and ask your question. It is the body of your topic.

options and info links
It is advised that you click the preview button to see how your post will look like before submitting. Just below these buttons you have a few useful links leading you to help pages with various formatting codes and options you may want to include in your post. If you need them it's best to open them in a new window or tab while you are writing your post.

As a registered member you can also use a subscription feature to get notified when you have new replies to your topic as well as topics of others you may choose to follow.