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How can you contribute to

There are various ways you can contribute to and our community.

- Submit an article
- Blog
- Upload a Screenshot
- Add a poll
- Post on forums

Note: Most of the above requires you to be a registered member.

Submit an article

You can contribute an article such as a tutorial on how to do certain things with a particular Free Software program or a review of a certain piece of Free Software, such as a GNU/Linux distribution. Those are just some examples, but as long as you believe it may be useful for at least some Free Software users, you are welcome to submit it. It is an excellent way to share information and a great way to help while gaining recognition that in turn ought to benefit you as well. For some good guidelines on how to write the best possible tech article see this great howto If you would like to write more regularly for, please consider joining our writers team. To join simply ask.


Every member can post blog entries and all these entries can be viewed either mixed with entries by other members or as entries written by only you (as your own blog). Nuxified blogs are mainly meant for entries that relate to the technical Free Software support rather than personal things, but that allows you to express your opinions on certain technical issues in a way that doesn't require preparation and approval of submission such as with articles (as above) or doesn't get buried as a monologue within the forums. Blogs are of course not for support questions though, as that would fit forums instead. Also, you can submit various useful tips as blog entries by typing "tips" in category section of your submission form. It will the be viewable from the tips section of the Nuxified blogs.