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How Does Nuxified's Forum Richtext Gadget Work?

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Joined: 2006-02-17

When you post a forum topic, it has an innovative richtext gadget that I have seen on a couple sites before but did not understand how it works. I have a funny feeling it uses CSS, ECMAScript, DHTML, and AJAX in order to work. I take it that this works in IE 6 as well. Man, there must be a lot of ECMAScript in order to make this swap out with something else in browsers prior to IE 5 and Firefox 1.0.


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Joined: 2006-05-04
I would say your asumption

I would say your asumption is right. The software used for it is TinyMCE wrapped in a drupal module. Here are the relevant links which should have some more info:

TinyMCE web site
TinyMCE drupal project page

Whatever is behind it I think it is definitely a great job considering how fast it loads compared to some WYSIWYG editors on the web. In admin area there are so many more buttons/plugins to select and add to its functionality as well, though most of it is probably better disabled for this site. Anonymous users have a minimal bare-basics set of buttons and registered users have some more options (though some of them work only if you enable "full html" as input format (which only members can do).


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