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How to choose a distro - read me first!

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This is the forum where you can ask for help in choosing a GNU/Linux distro, or give help to those who need it. You can discuss any topic that closely relates to helping you choose a distro and get started with it (which will likely affect your decision anyway).

We recommend you start your search in this topic. Here are some of the links to help you get started.

* Get GNU/Linux dot org offers you a straightforward choice with all the basic info you need if you are a new user trying GNU/Linux and learning about it for the very first time.

* ZegenieStudios Linux Distro Chooser is a nice survey that can help you determine which distro may be best for your needs and preferences.

* Distro Chooser is a simple survey, but with detailed descriptions of distros it recommends for you.

* Distro Feature Comparison compares some of the most popular distributions section by section.

* Wikipedia comparison of GNU/Linux distros is a comprehensive comparison table.

* is a great long standing resource with alot of good infos on various GNU/Linux distros, from most popular to most obscure.

After checking out some of the above resources you may have some further questions. Feel free to ask them in this forum. We're eager to help you get started on your journey through the GNU/Linux world.