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How to install NexentaOS alpha 2 on qemu

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Short answer:

Don't. HTH. HAND.

Long answer:

If you have a lot of spare time (like a whole day), you may try this.
You'll need a disk image bigger than 2G, otherwise it will simply refuse to install.

qemu-img create -f qcow nexenta.qcw 3G

According to the system requirements, you need at least 160MB of RAM, hence the -m 256

qemu -cdrom elatte_installcd_alpha2_i386.iso -m 256 -boot d nexenta.qcw

Don't simply hit enter in grub, the OS will crash if you don't disable dma. In grub, replace

kernel /boot/multiboot kernel/unix


kernel /boot/multiboot kernel/unix -B ata-dma-enabled=0

Now you can boot safely. Be patient! You hardly get any status messages, but it IS booting. Trust me. The next things you have to do are pretty obvious, just point your trained monkey to the enter key.

When it actually starts installing, you can go drink a cup of coffee... Wait, make that a bathtub. It will take a couple of hours. You could also play tetris in the installer, but I suggest you save every CPU cycle you can, so the installation will be finished sooner.

After finishing your bathtub of coffee, then finishing bouncing against the ceiling, you have to enter some more obvious stuff such as the root password and make another user.

Done! Now boot into your brand new nexenta-in-the-box.

qemu -m 256 nexenta.qcw

Now that is a bit of a disappointment, isn't it? No GDM, just a simple login: prompt and some error messages. According to the FAQ the easiest way to create an xorg.conf is to run

Xorg -configure

then copy /root/ to /etc/X11/xorg.conf . But all Xorg -configure gives me is a blank black screen that I can only get out of by quitting qemu, equivalent to flipping the power switch... After that the OS is very unhappy, but tells you how it can be fixed.

By the way, there is no manual page for dtrace :-( .

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Wow, it sounds pretty awful, Was the OS actually any good to use when it got installed then?

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Joined: 2005-12-21