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How would you rate the ease of using (to get help)?

0% (0 votes)
OK. Could be better.
58% (7 votes)
Nice and easy.
25% (3 votes)
17% (2 votes)
Total votes: 12


Feel free to comment

Feel free to comment on how can things be improved regarding the ease of using this site, especially those who voted "OK, could be better". Eye

new replies

I miss the New Replies box on the front page.

Heh we need to get 100

Heh we need to get 100 people voting what they want for every feature on the site.

Some said remove that, I was worried some will miss it, now indeed you do miss it. Sticking out tongue Let's see what others say...

I don't know about others

I don't know about others but I bearly ever find myself on the main forum page. I do not know if this is a good or a bad thing...

Even when you're posting a

Even when you're posting a new topic (which is possible)?

Since you can see recent posts from recent posts page and start a topic without going through forums from the forum index (by just choosing the forum from the drop down box) it is quite possible to use forums without ever seeing the forum index.

I suppose that whether this is bad or not depends on how efficient it is for the user and if it can add to confusion.

If it is efficient and yet not confusing then it's probably a good thing overall. The forum index is there if you want an overview, or if you read through past threads, but to use forums to get help you don't need to go through it to get it.

Anyway, I take this majority

Anyway, I take this majority vote of "OK, but could be better" seriously. As I have mentioned in another post, I intend to make some serious usability improvements around here. Smiling


I little more color would not hurt. I like the way it looks but I am one for nice rich color too.

my 2 cents :-)

Well, there will probably be

Well, there will probably be a slight redesign as I implement various usability improvements and some colors could be changed too. I realize our blocks and such might be slightly dull gray. It's neat looking, but as you say it's not very colorful.

So what kinds of colors and color combinations do you like guys? Eye I'm thinking of combining blue, orange and yellow on this site (something scarcely done already, but mostly blue is visible). So maybe blocks could have a sort of light orange look with blue block titles while the header remains mostly blue in background/"scenery".

I like grey . But ignore

I like grey Eye . But ignore me, I have configured my browser to make everything grey anyway.

well I like blue, but a bit

well I like blue, but a bit more orange won't hurt Smiling

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