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I'm making a distro...

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I have decided to make a new Linux distro ( I know there are tonnes), but this one is going to be different...( i bet everyone thinks that when they start their new distro's)

I was wondering, what do you lot think would be some nice features to implement in it, or bits from distros I should have a look into and bolt on, I thought it would be a nice project to learn C on, so I took it up Smiling

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Are you going to base it off of an existing distro, using the LFS books or completely from scratch on your own?

There indeed are alot of distros and most do start with the similar general goals (being different), but then again if everyone would be discouraged by the fact there's so many existing distros then many good distros we have today probably wouldn't exist. There's always a chance someone strikes the right combination, and that someone could be you.

And if it's a learning project (and it always is I suppose), you can't loose. Smiling

So good luck I say!

As for ideas, hmm.. I'm not sure I have alot to offer at the moment. One of the biggest differentiators for GNU/Linux distros is the package management and in this area I'd like a distro that can natively do both from-source installations of programs and binary installations. Arch comes very close to this, but you could go steps further by making it even easier to install from-source than Arch (where you still either need to learn to use ABS or setup aurbuild).
It could be a joint between something like gentoo emerge and arch pacman, both natively working side by side.

What would be cool is an Arch based distro for the intermediate and even newbie home desktop users...

Anyway.. just my 2c as ppl say. Smiling

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Is there like some kit called "Make Your Own Distro" or something? That would be slick to have. Perhaps you just install an existing distro you like, then customize it, and then the tool would take a snapshot of this and build an entirely new distro, using your settings as the defaults for new users?


I'd like to see an Ubuntu server distro derivative that uses a Yast-like tool written in Bash/VT100 or perhaps PHP CLI and VT100 escape codes.


I'd like to see a LAN analyzer distro with a dashboard that's easy to use and loads fast. It could be a Live CD. You just pop the CD in, reboot, and about 1.5 minutes later you see a Firefox dashboard web page on Blackbox window manager. The dashboard web page would give you a graphical view of what's going on with your subnet, a way to trap and filter packets, and a way to do common tasks like, "Identify who's listening/watching streaming audio and video", or, "Identify who's running non-TCP/IP protocols".


Another distro I like is eBox-Platform. I haven't installed it yet, but it looks like it's based on Ubuntu Server but with a web admin piece and might be great for the SOHO market. It's made in Spain.

Joined: 2005-12-20