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I'm not sane

I'm currently emerging all my system packages on Gentoo with my new unstable (~x86) toolchain.

From the #libervis (Freenode) IRC channel:

* dylunio wonders if he is sane emerging over 800 packages
kryme Nope.  Not sane.
dylunio okay, thanks kryme :)
kryme :D
kryme Hey, I do what I can.

Accomplishment for today: insanity Smiling


Congratulations on that

Congratulations on that accomplishment! Laughing Eye You could also call it courage or compiling stamina or something, though. Laughing out loud

Haha! Thanks for that


Thanks for that libervisco Smiling

compylaholic (hey, that y

compylaholic Sticking out tongue
(hey, that y looked good...)

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