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Dual Screen Fluxbox.. Black as Oil

Dual Screen Fluxbox.. Black as Oil

Well, here's my dual head setup. Laughing out loud

Yes.. I'm using a Commodore Amiga Series monitor for my second monitor which is on the left and I have a black DELL CRT for my right monitor.

On the larger monitor, I have gDesklets with it's launcher desklet. I also have IceWeasel and NCMPC (MPD client) on a shaded transparent aterm with my customized fluxbox theme called OilSlick.

On the second monitor, the smaller one, I have gkrellm and another aterm with the same properties and mplayer with OSD and captions, but no subtitles in that segment.

I forgot to screenshot with my flux menu out, but it's about as transparent as aterm and rounded at it's bottom.

Yes.. borderless windows. Just the way I like it. :-)


Catching up

Wow! I had totally lost the thread??

I'm catching up: Got a 7600GS and a 21" Compaq V1000 CRT which I practically had to "fork-lift" into my room. I also had to saw away some of a shelf on my table to get it to fit! Hoping to get a 24" flatscreen mid-next-year - They've come down to about £250 now, perhaps £185 by next summer?? Hope so. No dual-mo yet though.

All the best! Smiling


Hey spyro!

Could you please tell me what kind of monitors and graphics card you are using? Thanks :-)

two CRTs. 1. ~14"


two CRTs. 1. ~14" Commodore Amiga, 2. some generic DELL 15" monitor.
I was running this on a NVidia 6200LE.

Now, I have a BFG NVidia 7900GS OC. Smiling Actually, I have both cards in the workstation at once. I might make one a dedicated video card for something else. Possibly a MythMonitor or something (lol)

Now we just have to

Now we just have to determine who is a clone of whom. Laughing out loud

Very nice!

Very nice!

EDIT: hmmm, it seems I'm becoming a clone of someone (see above)

Very nice.

Very nice. Smiling

Nice theming, it's been

Nice theming, it's been such a time since I've used FluxBox it makes me want to use it again...

btw which anime are you watching?