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E17 just keeps getting better

E17 just keeps getting better

Last weekend I got the newest E17 available via Ebuntu to try it out, and I can say it has made quite an improvement since the last time tried it.

Some of the things I was missing are there now, like the taskbar, and other things are just easily configurable to fit my needs. I was able to make that panel look similar to what I am used to (it's called a shelf in E17). The only thing missing from there is a system tray which I need for some apps, so I added "trayer" which creates that panel at the top, though always half empty right now.

I like this enough to be using it for a few days now. It's got some decent yet not too resource hungry eye candy (like animation of those launchers) and is yet quite fast. Since it's agnostic to either GTK and QT apps it doesn't matter which you run. I set xfce-mcs-manager to run at startup of E17 to have themed GTK apps.

This screenshot shows Thunar file manager, xfce4-terminal without borders and menus below it and a great run command dialog which supports tab completion as well as shows applications below as you type. You can press the up button to get the latest commands ran, like I did in this shot.



Yeah it's panel seems much

Yeah it's panel seems much more configurable these days. Still, e17 is still a bit rough. I am not running it anymore, but I'll be trying it periodically anyway.

These days I'm just switching back and forth between various WMs. Been on xfce, then tried KDE (kubuntu) and because of some weird performance issues (must be due to kdm) I ended up on openbox where I am right now. Laughing out loud

That's E? It looks like


That's E? It looks like Gnome. O_o
The last time I used E, I wasn't so pleased with it. Seems it needs quite a bit of configuring to get it looking right.

Fluxboxer here. :-)

If they wanted to release

If they wanted to release it, we could have seen an actual beta about two years ago.

They have missed the

They have missed the market. It is good but any1 going to GNU/Linux wants XGL etc.

I honestly doubt E17 will

I honestly doubt E17 will be released this decade.

It seems a shelf can be

It seems a shelf can be changed into separate desktop widgets by some configuration option, I didn't try out if they are still required to be on a screen border.

Hehe I hope so. They seem

Hehe I hope so. Smiling

They seem to be quite loose and easy going in their development. From what I've seen they develop one thing just to get rid of it or completely change it few months later. For example, it was possible to put modules on the desktop (like widgets) before, but now they're all tied to shelves (though you can basically get the same effect since you can make as many shelves with as many or as little modules as you want anyway).

But still, despite that, they seem to be making quite a bit of progress.

Considering how stable in practice it generally is, the fact that it's not officially marked as "stable" doesn't seem to matter too much.

Will e17 ever be stable??

Will e17 ever be stable??

Here's the Arch wiki page

Here's the Arch wiki page explaining that. It seems it's available from "community" repository now.

I also used to use a third party repository, but now I don't use Arch currently..

From which pacman

From which pacman repository do you get e17? The one I used to use became very slow...