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tar xvzf file.tar.gz should

tar xvzf file.tar.gz should unpack the gziped archive.


Hi dylunio!

Same results as before? I think I'm missing the code prefix or something?

Thanks for the try! :-)

A new dirocteroy named

A new dirocteroy named 'file' should have been created with that command, in this diructory are the various source files and usually a README and/or an INSTALL file which explain how to install the software.

I found a folder called

I found a folder called "profiles" from today, I've opened that, and it's full of folders, but none for install or readme? The closest is "adept installer" which is a read only file?"

edit* I found the folder that says:

compiz uses libstartup-notification which is available at

compiz uses automake, in order to generate the Makefiles for compiz use:


$ make
# make install

compiz - OpenGL window and compositing manager

Compiz is an OpenGL compositing manager that use GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap
for binding redirected top-level windows to texture objects. It has a flexible
plug-in system and it is designed to run well on most graphics hardware.

David Reveman

I've tried the above commands including the other that you gave me?
Still nothing appears to have happened?

Ah well, it's another day tomorow (hopefully). Thanks for the help! :-) :banana:

those commands are for

those commands are for after unpacking. also, is probably worth a look at. should make most of this easier.

Well, this has at least

Well, this has at least made it clear that this is not for a Novice!

Thanks for the help, but I'm going to leave Beryl and Compiz until I've got some more (read a lot more) experience.

There is a cautionary note about beryl/compiz at the UF, I can understand why now. :-o It's all experience! :-)

Composite can offer for

Composite can offer for some nice basic 3D effects indeed, like shadows and transparency. Often enough it may be all one productive GNU/Linux user wants. Smiling

Btw, in beryl you can have a KDE-like window theme using aquamarine which is something of a beryl compatible window manager..

What's 3D about shadows and

What's 3D about shadows and transparency ? They're not redered with GL and the display stays flat...

The display stays flat even

The display stays flat even if it demonstrates an *illusion* of a cube. Eye

Shadows and transparency give an impression of deepness. It feels more like windows are actually floating upon each other than without them, so it is a bit of 3D illusion, not as much as beryl, but it's something.

And how come it isn't rendered with GL? Don't you have to have 3D rendering enabled in xorg for it to work?

libervisco wrote: And how

libervisco wrote:

And how come it isn't rendered with GL? Don't you have to have 3D rendering enabled in xorg for it to work?

No. In fact, for a while you couldn't use both AFAIK.

I wasn't referring to the computer screen, much more the theoretical X11 display. In AIGLX (which isn't seperate, bloody hell ! I'm tired of hearing that) or XGL everything is mapped to 3-dimentional coordinates

I see, well then

I see, well then technically in X11 it may not be 3D, but it gives an impression of some 3D. Although I could say the same about a window manager theme designed to look as if it is made of round glass. Smiling It's all an illusion in the end, no matter what code produces it, but beryl is a far better one.

That impression is what I was referring to when saying 3D.


Thank you for that discourse on the fundamental realities of 3D!

I've been trying to have a look at compiz, but it comes in the form of a tar.gz file. I've tried using various commands (terminal) from the Gzip Homepage, but so far, I can't even open the tar.gz that contains it?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but there always seems to be additional parts of the quoted codes that are not written in the help manuals, Like: sudo apt-get, or sudo aptitude. So when I type in the suggested codes for opening tar.gz files, it doesn't work?

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks :-)

...not beryl

Does that mean I move a GUI software slider? :-)

I guess it's not Beryl, X


I guess it's not Beryl, X offers transparency through the composite-extension which can easily be configured in KDE.

is that beryl or kwin (the

is that beryl or kwin (the KDE Window manager) ?

beryl or kwin

eerrr............KDE 3.5. :-)