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NetBSD 3.1 with TWM

NetBSD 3.1 with TWM


Not a cute but pretty enough


Yeah, I did. TWM multipanelled as well (I was disappointed the way the panel window worked). And IceWM with Rox:
Look for Warpman (6th picture from top). But I ended up with IceWM wihout Rox. I needed TWM for The LearN@BSD Project.

Thanks for the fluxbox data. I'll try it once more this time paying more attention to memory usage.


Yeah its pretty


Laughing out loud Yeah its pretty lightweight Smiling

Did you try putting fluxbox or other WM's on it or just TWM? Because if i remember correctly Fluxbox With X used something like 14mb of RAM on my FreeBSD setup, and TWM used 26mb :S

So you may want to try that to make things even lighter Smiling



Well, rather paleoretro. Smiling But it is brazenly quick and responsive on my Celeron 400 with 320 MB. I do not need anything else.

Wow thats rather retro


Wow thats rather retro Smiling