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Tatties Desktop

Tatties Desktop

This is my desktop screenshot.
At the top bar you can see common used applications..
IceWeasel, gaim, gimp, [home], termina, synaptec, poedit, ssh [to server] and exit.
I do have beryl also on this machine Smiling It runs pretty well.


I have spent the whole day

I have spent the whole day theming the whole thing. I plan to package it all up later and make a script. More on this later Eye
Desktop has totally changed though Eye

Indeed, GNOME is great. It

Indeed, GNOME is great. It even seems like it isn't any more memory hungry than Xfce and Xfce was supposed to be light. I don't seem to notice any real difference between the two in terms of performance.

Although, thunar *is* lighter than nautilus, at least.

Ah, GNOME... my current

Ah, GNOME... my current favourite DE (though I tend to keep it as much 'default' as possible for some reason).

Dylunio it is quite a

Dylunio it is quite a minimal gnome Laughing out loud

Very nice and simple. My

Very nice and simple. Smiling

My sisters have set up those launcher icons at the top in much the similar way like you.

And that wallpaper is kind of funny. Smiling

Which DE/WM is this?

Which DE/WM is this?