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Tux Power!

Tux Power!

This is my desktop one of these nights that I get bored.

I have the Mire Lime Fluxbox theme on my Fluxbox, and I believe the GTK+ theme is similarly named.

Currently, I'm running gnome-terminal ssh'd to another shell box:
screen -dR comm -t teabag ssh SERVER -D8888 -t "screen -dR irssi irssi"

Iceweasel, standard theme with some ChromEdit Plus hacks, opened up to my beautiful photograph of my cute girlfriend. <3

KVM running Windows XP on my left screen with Gkrellm on top in the Fluxbox slit.

Htop running in another gnome-terminal window on another quadrant of my screen. Smiling

Finally, taking up the fourth quadrant of my screen is TVTime and I'm playing one of the various 10 year old Demo discs. I believe this was the the demo disc that appeared in the first issue of Playstation Magazine that featured the PS2. Smiling

A full featured hacker desktop. If you look at htop and gkrellm, you will see that my cores aren't spinning off their handles either.

At times like this, I truely feel the power that I behold when I boot linux. I only run Windows XP in a KVM for the fun of it. As you see I have a FireFox and a Skype opened up. I use Skype because the 32 bit binaries don't work on my AMD64 system as goes Teamspeak also but yeah.. not much else.

Fun fun fun..

Debian Lenny/Sid
GNU/Linux, x86_64
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor4600+
HDD: /dev/sda1 320GB
HDD: /dev/hdb1 110GB