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Tux Power!

Tux Power!

This is my desktop one of these nights that I get bored.

I have the Mire Lime Fluxbox theme on my Fluxbox, and I believe the GTK+ theme is similarly named.

Currently, I'm running gnome-terminal ssh'd to another shell box:
screen -dR comm -t teabag ssh SERVER -D8888 -t "screen -dR irssi irssi"

Iceweasel, standard theme with some ChromEdit Plus hacks, opened up to my beautiful photograph of my cute girlfriend. <3

KVM running Windows XP on my left screen with Gkrellm on top in the Fluxbox slit.

Htop running in another gnome-terminal window on another quadrant of my screen. Smiling

Finally, taking up the fourth quadrant of my screen is TVTime and I'm playi