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Tatties Desktop

Tatties Desktop

This is my desktop screenshot.
At the top bar you can see common used applications..
IceWeasel, gaim, gimp, [home], termina, synaptec, poedit, ssh [to server] and exit.
I do have beryl also on this

Proprietary OS + openSource apps

Ok..I know it isn't Open Source, but this is my lovely OSX desktop with a dual head setup. I have got very used to it, even though [as you will notice] I have two different resolutions.
Open apps;

running Plan 9

running Plan 9

It's alive!

installing Plan 9

installing Plan 9

Installing Plan 9...

Problem with IE

Problem with IE

Show what's new shows wrongly on IE. Also the :star: looks funny due to transparence. Though that is minor.

Dual Screen Fluxbox.. Black as Oil

Well, here's my dual head setup. Laughing out loud

Yes.. I'm using a Commodore Amiga Series monitor for my second monitor which is on the left and I have a black DELL CRT for my right monitor.

On the larger monitor, I have gDesklets with it's launcher desklet. I also have IceWeasel and NCMPC (MPD client) on a shaded transparent aterm with my customized fluxbox theme called OilSlick.

Updating Ubuntu 6.06 and Gentoo

This is still Ubuntu Dapper running from an install made during Dapper's development phase. The install was made using an alpha5 image. on my Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop. It is running conky along the top and just the gnome-panel down the bottom.

E17 just keeps getting better

Last weekend I got the newest E17 available via Ebuntu to try it out, and I can say it has made quite an improvement since the last time tried it.

Some of the things I was missing are there now, like the taskbar, and other things are just easily configurable to fit my needs. I was able to make that panel look similar to what I am used to (it's called a shelf in E17). The only thing missing from there is a system tray which I need for some apps, so I added "trayer" which creates that panel at the top, though always half empty right now.

2 screens, no extra wasted space

This is my new dual head set-up. After getting the right screen for christmas, which is large enough by itself, I noticed what a waste it was to have an unused flat screen, an unused VGA port and an unused top of a subwoofer Eye

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