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random screen shot - debian gnu/linux sid w/ gnome

I just felt like a slightly blurred screen shot ;-)

This is gnome 2.14.3 with a relatively recent beryl/emerald build managing the windows. Mail client is IceDove, IM client is gaim (yes,

Full GNOME Desktop

Full GNOME Desktop

GNOME with Firefox, Xchat, GNOME Terminal and Tasks - taking up the full screen.



I have decided to try running KDE for a while again, after maybe more than a year since I've ran it as primary desktop last time. I was usually switching back and forth between GNOME and Xfce, prefering GTK apps over anything else.

fishtank (beryl cube)

fishtank (beryl cube)

The beryl cube. The wallpaper is designed by me, you can find it here (cc-by-nc-sa license + permission to use on a few person

sick beryl screenshot

sick beryl screenshot

Pretty sick, eh? Someone please give me a second monitor Laughing out loud .

Ubuntu looking like OS X

I've always liked the look of OSX, so I followed this tutorial and made my own on Ubuntu.

Kate connected to remote system

This shows kate connected to a remote file system ready to fetch and open a remote file directly from it. Excellent! Smiling

Konqueror network folders wizard connection info

This is where we need to enter the necessary info for a network folder link in konqueror.

Network Folders Wizard

This wizard allows you to easily create network folders for use with konqueror, to access remote file systems through them. Here we select the protocol.

Konqueror network folders

Konqueror network folders allow you to quickly connect to remote systems.