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Haiku OS Installer in Qemu

This is a screenshot of Haiku OS running in Qemu (not fullscreen but only the Qemu window region) showing "Haiku" and "Apps" tracker windows and an Installer program.

Haiku OS in Qemu

Haiku OS in Qemu

This screenshot shows Haiku OS (image build from 28th May 2006) running in Qemu under GNOME on GNU/Linux (Arch).

Haiku OS window shows a bash terminal and Tracker (file manager in Haiku and BeOS) window called "Haiku".

Edit: Note also that I have changed the background color as well as added those two indicators (belonging to the ProcessController program) in the top right besides the clock. Smiling

Oosterhouse's Screenie

This is a screenshot of Arch Linux running Fluxbox on my lappy. Smiling

Trancy Desktop

Trancy Desktop

This screenshot has been taken while listening to the 250th episode of "State of Trance" by Armin Van Buuren. So yeah, I'm an avid trance music fan so there's my little tribute. Eye

This screenshot, besides the cool "State of Trance" wallpaper, shows beep-media-player with a breeder_unit skin, a transparent xfce terminal and the rest is GNOME with Tango icons.

XFCE4 screenshot

XFCE4 screenshot

desktop is xfce 4
distro is debian gnu/linux sid amd64
music player is xmms with theme arctic_XMMS
music is Wise Guys, a German a capella group from Cologne
IRC/IM is gaim 2 beta 3
Mail is Thunderbird (workspace 4)
Icons are Tango
backdrops are from deviantart

A heavily modified KDE desktop on FC5

I found myself browsing the web site and mixed up some themes elements. The intended result (on the web site) was supposed to be even more good looking...