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Dual Screen Fluxbox.. Black as Oil

Well, here's my dual head setup. Laughing out loud

Yes.. I'm using a Commodore Amiga Series monitor for my second monitor which is on the left and I have a black DELL CRT for my right monitor.

On the larger monitor, I have gDesklets with it's launcher desklet. I also have IceWeasel and NCMPC (MPD client) on a shaded transparent aterm with my customized fluxbox theme called OilSlick.

E17 just keeps getting better

Last weekend I got the newest E17 available via Ebuntu to try it out, and I can say it has made quite an improvement since the last time tried it.

Some of the things I was missing are there now, like the taskbar, and other things are just easily configurable to fit my needs. I was able to make that panel look similar to what I am used to (it's called a shelf in E17). The only thing missing from there is a system tray which I need for some apps, so I added "trayer" which creates that panel at the top, though always half empty right now.

2 screens, no extra wasted space

This is my new dual head set-up. After getting the right screen for christmas, which is large enough by itself, I noticed what a waste it was to have an unused flat screen, an unused VGA port and an unused top of a subwoofer Eye

postal xfwm theme

postal xfwm theme

A sneak preview at the window manager theme I'm designing.

Window Maker desktop

Window Maker desktop

Gray/Orange themed Window Maker running on Debian Testing/Unstable, showing Mozilla Firefox, Liferea, xterm and lots of dockapps on the right. I guess I got a bit tired of blue.