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August Desktop[ibook]

August Desktop[ibook]

Hey, this is my desktop for august. You see Gnome Terminal running, with irssi open. Not sure about the desktop yet, but it goes well[kinda] with the ubuntu default theme. The gdm log on screen also looks like the desktop. Conky running in the corner.

bistromath back on gentoo

This is my current desktop, running fluxbox 1.0rc2 on gentoo amd64 (with a few ~amd64 packages like fluxbox)

the terminal is urxvt, the shell is zsh. the PROMPT was largely borrowed from .

I like it Smiling

At the Beach

At the Beach

This is a screenshot of the Fluxbox window manager, with two xterms open. One of which has vim open editing the fluxbox menu file.

The background is a picture I took while on holiday in the Isles of Silly, and the Fluxbox theme is 'Minimal'.

Xfce4.4 and Ubuntulooks powered theme

After some time of openboxing I am now on Xfce4.4 beta1, an awesome lightweight desktop environment. What this screenshot is showing, which is what I'm currently running, doesn't look like anything much different than I had on openbox. But there are still some benefits such as better support for the xfce panel in its own environment rather than in openbox and a faster and more straightforward way of configuring things, like desktop background. It's just a matter of clicking an icon in the panel that launches xfce-settings-manager.

This shot shows Thunar, Xfce terminal and a couple of adesklets (weather and wbcpu). The GTK theme used is based on the ubuntulooks engine which makes things a bit more shiney (and I like that). The theme used is PF-Blue with a plain Human icon set (copied from the actual Ubuntu installation). Sticking out tongue

Installing Zenwalk in Qemu

I am about to try Zenwalk, but before I burned it I've given it a go with Qemu, at least to take screenshots of the installation should I decide to write a review of it.

This screenshot shows my Arch desktop running Qemu from the terminal. In the Qemu window is the Zenwalk installation in progress. I didn't finish it though as it takes forever. I made enough screenshots and am gonna install full from the actual CD on a separate partition set. Smiling


Btw, if you wonder what's with the Star Trek "2008" wallpaper, it's the year when the newest Star Trek movie should have its premiere: Star Trek XI.

screenshot of archlinux with evilwm

Doing some design homework with gimp.
In the system tray of the tiny xfce4 panel (top right) you can see networkmanager and gaim.
One xfce terminal is running the links browser, the other just finished running fortune.
All fonts, except those in the image being edited in gimp, are DejaVu, which is a good font for saving space. EvilWM doesn't take much space either. Still, my maximum resolution of 1024x768 is quite cramped.
The gtk theme is clearlooks-olive.
The background image is mine, the original images in the design in gimp were taken from

Libernode on Openbox again

"Libernode" is the name of my computer. After some time on GNOME I'm back on openbox and loving it.

This screenshot shows openbox running the following:

- xfce4-panel (at the very bottom)
- some adesklets (wbcpu, anetmon, volume and weather)
- Xfce Terminal with transparency
- The Nitrogen wallpaper selector and setter.

When I start my computer up it boots to console and I start GUI with a famous startx command which parses the also famouse ~/.xinitrc file. I've set that file so that when I startx it will start openbox, xfce4-panel, these adesklets above and the nitrogen --restore (which gets the wallpaper I chose and saved last with nitrogen gui).

Add/remove program in Ubuntu Dapper

An Ubuntu Add/Remove program shown synching its database with repositories.

Ekiga Errors on Ubuntu Dapper

This screenshot shows errors that show when starting Ekiga on Ubuntu Dapper.