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Installing Zenwalk in Qemu

Installing Zenwalk in Qemu

I am about to try Zenwalk, but before I burned it I've given it a go with Qemu, at least to take screenshots of the installation should I decide to write a review of it.

This screenshot shows my Arch desktop running Qemu from the terminal. In the Qemu window is the Zenwalk installation in progress. I didn't finish it though as it takes forever. I made enough screenshots and am gonna install full from the actual CD on a separate partition set. Smiling


Btw, if you wonder what's with the Star Trek "2008" wallpaper, it's the year when the newest Star Trek movie should have its premiere: Star Trek XI. (Yes, trek's alive!) The wallpaper features the first official poster of the film.


Thanks dylunio. I'll see..

Thanks dylunio. Smiling

I'll see.. maybe just your confirmation.. like if I find it to be a good desktop distro for intermediary users you can either confirm that or not, as someone who uses it, kind of like check if the review makes sense. Eye

Zenwalk too?

I installed Zenwalk yesterday on my 'new' (read 7 years old) laptop. I wanted a modern Slack and that's what it has given me.

If you want any input from me in the review or something I'll be pleased to help.