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Intel Pro/Wireless 2915ABG

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Anonymous asked here:


I just installed fc5 on my dell inspiron 6000 and i am pretty impressed by it's snappy features, but I still doesnt recognize my wireless card. It's a Intel Pro/Wirleess 2915ABG. Can you guide me to set it up so I can use the internet.

Someone please help them Eye

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Quote from the FSF's web

Quote from the FSF's web site:


Not supported, and it would be very hard to do so:

TI, Intel, Prism GT, Broadcom
[Info from Theo de Raadt]
The Intel chips appear to use a special type of computer that has never been publicly announced.


So I guess they have to use NDISWrapper to wrap the non-free Windows drivers Sad But I'm not totally sure because I don't have such a wireless card.

Wireless D I6000 - SuSE 10

SuSE 10 loaded my card (same one in question) right out of the box, so someone somewhere figured out how to support it in linux, if there (SuSE) why not here (FC5)

I'm in the middle of dragging down the FC5 disks to load on my i6000 right now, so if anyone finds something aside from ndis, please let me know. Many thanks.


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DISCLAIMER: I don't use

DISCLAIMER: I don't use fedora 

I've looked around on the net a bit, and found 2915ABG is not a type number of a wireless card but of a centrino chipset. It does contain an ipw2200 wireless chip, the same as I have. Mine recently stopped working with my custom kernels, but I don't care since I don't use it a lot anyway. I'll put up with using the slower official kernel when I'm on the road.

Anyway, please do a

lsmod | grep ipw2200

If that returns nothing, do

modprobe ipw2200

If that gives no errors and does load the module (or if it already is loaded), try scanning for wireless networks:

iwlist scanning

Do you see only devices that don't support scanning? Then we may have the same problem. If you see some wireless networks, your kernel module works fine. If you're in the middle of nowhere and don't see any networks, but you do see one device that does support scanning, your kernel module PROBABLY works fine, please try it somewhere in the city.

Next debugging step is to try to connect to one of those listed networks. First:

iwconfig <name of device> essid <name of network> key <hexkey OR s:stringkey>

Then dhcp:

dhclient <name of device>

If you got this far and are able to surf the web now, your problem is specific to fedora, but at least you can work around it.

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Another possibility is that

Another possibility is that you have a on/off switch for your wireless, but not the software needed to use it, such as acerhk

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