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Introduction ...

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For me, Tyler King, I started using Linux a few years ago when I friend refered me to Ubuntu. So I burned it, stuck it in and it installed perfectly. I enjoyed that for a few months until I ran into some problems. I then met FreeZombie though a game I play regularly, Armagetron AD. He then told me to try Debian, I did and I was hooked for a while until I ran into some problems agian. I started switching on that and Mac OSX a lot for different things. Now, that Ubuntu has matured a bit more I am on Xubuntu and loving it. So thats just a little story on how I came to Linux Smiling

I like XFCE because its sexy and doesent use many resources as my graphics card is not very good. I have a Mac Mini with Xubuntu on it. I own a website and do freelancing most of the week. Most of my spare time is spent on a project I write called phpBB Rivals.

Thats just a little bt about me o_O.


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welcome Laughing out loud

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Welcome to my

Welcome to my friend. Next time you run into trouble don't quit, come to us and we'll try to help you stay nuxified with pleasure. Eye


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