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Is anything confusing?

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Joined: 2006-05-04


In order to bridge any difficulties you may have with using this site we could have a little "help tips" block that would display some useful tips on how to do certain things on a site.

The tips block can display below all content with a link to a page explaining how to do something that is related to the particular section that you are in right now.

So if you are surfing forums you will see tips related to using forums or if you are surfing through blogs you'll probably see tips on how to post your own entries, post comments etc.

This thread is merely for you to say what is most confusing for you and what would you like some help available on to fix that confusion, so we can start somewhere, with tips that resolve the most difficult or confusing parts of using this site.

So, post away. Smiling

Thank you

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Joined: 2005-12-20
It's confusing.

I think these tips shouldn't be separate from the regular tips. There should be (sub)categories in addition to the tips category to control which forum it should be displayed on. The tips with the most points should be displayed.

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Joined: 2006-05-04
"Help tips" are just tips

"Help tips" are just tips for using this site, not the Free Software tips from the tips collection thread. They don't necessarily have anything to do with actual topic of the forums aside from helping you use this site (like how to submit a blog entry, how to upload a screenshot etc.)

I haven't yet made much help tips (and noone requested anything here actually), but if needed I can make some.

As for the actual Free Software tips you can put them in any category, that is under any keyword you want, but I'm not sure if it's possible to display them per forums while they're in blogs.

The only way I can see this as possible is to indeed use the "help tips" module, that is the one that was meant to be used for site usage help, for all Free Software tips. Then it may be possible to control where they're displayed in a block (in what sections of the site).

But, I am still not sure it can be per forum categories as it is made to display per module (main sections like forums, blogs, images etc.) rather than per categories within those modules.

Also, it's good to have those tips in one browsable page than scattered around the site.

I'll have to take a look at that module, but in my opinion it's best to keep tips in blogs. It gives an additional use to blogs making them more active, and is easy to browse through after clicking the "tips" menu item in the header.

What do others think?

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