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KDE packages

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( i have this in another forum, i think the wrong forum ) I recently installed ubuntu on my machine. Now i want the KDE desktop manager! Well the next step with the packages is to use the 'make' keyword in the terminal. but it tells me the command is unknown (yes i cd'd to the directory)

Joined: 2006-06-04
ok i see part of my problem

ok i see part of my problem (that the configure thing told me what that i do not have a C compiler! therefore i can't use the keyword make. Question is what compiler do i get?

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Ah, you didn't have to

Ah, you didn't have to repost this here. This is actually an Ubuntu-specific issue so where you posted it originally was OK.

Anyway, here's your answer. Basically you are missing GCC (GNU C Compiler) and it is installed as part of the "build-essentials" package as I described it in that post.

I'm locking this thread as it's not necessary anymore. Just continue on the first thread you started. Eye


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