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Joined: 2006-05-04

How many of you have built your own GNU/Linux distro at home and packed it into an iso for later burning and possibly even sharing?

As far as I am aware one of the better know distros that were done with LFS books is Arch, though Judd Vinett, the guy who did it, probably had quite some experience with it to pull such a great job together. Well he did wrote his own package manager, pacman. Smiling

Once upon a time I've actually considered building my own system with LFS. I even started, but dropped it off as it was taking much time and I got stuck on some compilation issues.

How did you fare?

Joined: 2006-03-28
Well, currently I'm running

Well, currently I'm running LFS but didn't make it a "distro" yet. I want to try making a Live-CD next and then maybe something distro-like, or some automation for the LFS, including some nice boot-CD. Somehow I don't really like the current auto-LFS versions so a friend of mine and I thought we try going for our own version of that.

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