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Libernode on Openbox again

Libernode on Openbox again

"Libernode" is the name of my computer. After some time on GNOME I'm back on openbox and loving it.

This screenshot shows openbox running the following:

- xfce4-panel (at the very bottom)
- some adesklets (wbcpu, anetmon, volume and weather)
- Xfce Terminal with transparency
- The Nitrogen wallpaper selector and setter.

When I start my computer up it boots to console and I start GUI with a famous startx command which parses the also famouse ~/.xinitrc file. I've set that file so that when I startx it will start openbox, xfce4-panel, these adesklets above and the nitrogen --restore (which gets the wallpaper I chose and saved last with nitrogen gui).

There's no desktop icons, but with some work with idesk I can have those too. I can't be arsed though and it's really fine this way. I primarily use thunar as my file manager which is fast and accessible enough from the panel where I set it to lauch /home/daniel/Desktop anyway. Smiling

Among other launchers in panel are the terminal, swiftfox, xchat, gtk-chtheme (theme chooser) and nitrogen. Smiling

Oh so cool! Laughing out loud Eye Mac OS X may induce envious looks here and there, but there's nothing like the freedom to set things the way *I* want it and like it, which I have with GNU/Linux. Smiling



That is indeed a very nice

That is indeed a very nice desktop!

You're right Taco.. I found

You're right Taco.. I found the correct link and fixed.

Thanks for noticing. Smiling

I think the nitrogen link is

I think the nitrogen link is wrong.