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linux crash

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On Redhat EL4, web server, with Tomcat 5.0.19,we have a situation where the system crashed and when rebooted it stops in grub. From grub, when we try to mount root paritions or find boot images, using explicit commands, we cannot find them. Seems like the root partition is lost or file mounts corrupted.

Can anyone please tell me why and how this happens? And a way out?

Someone mentioned, last time they had this problem, they simply reinstalled Linux and started afresh. Is this the only way out?

is it possible for haker to enter into linux system and delete the system files



You should be able to boot

You should be able to boot your original RHEL 4 cd 1 in rescue mode. I believe it mounts the partitions for you . (in /mnt?). Then you should be able to look araound and see what's hosed.


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you can boot any live CD,

you can boot any live CD, for example an official rescue CD or Knoppix, and mount the partition(s) - giving you access to all files. I don't know too much abour RedHat, RPM and YUM, but it might be possible to have all packages on the system reinstalled, thus overwriting broken system files.

IF you meant "a cracker" with "haker", yes, if there are (known) security vulnerabilities on your system. Make sure the system is always up-to-date, and as this is probably a machine that should stay alive, subscribe to a security mailing lists to disable dangeous services between discovery on the bug and availability of a patch.

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Moved this thread to

Moved this thread to "Servers and networking" forum. Welcome aboard ramrom!

I would also recommend taking a look through a rescue livecd of some sort. Maybe the disk has some errors on it so some fsck checks could yield some insight. I wouldn't think that the root partition was just deleted.

Let us know of your progress.

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Have you fscked the partitions from a live CD?

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