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Local LUG Presidency

The 'Presidency' of my local LUG, the North Wales Linux User Group is coming up for change soon, as the current 'President' is leaving for somewhere in England. I'm now considering taking over the 'Presidency'. I'll only be able to do this for some 9 months as after that I'll (hopefully) be going off to University.

If I do this I'll have to help run the mailing list, do some day to day admin etc. I'll also have to run the website, which should be hosted on the main UK LUG server.

At times like these I think I should have gone to the talk on LUGs at LRL... oh well.

I don't know why I'm posting this here, but there we are.


Well, good luck. If you

Well, good luck. Smiling If you become a president you'll get some nice useful experience, and it's an honored position to be in.


Well, I've now put my name

Well, I've now put my name forward - we'll now see what happens.

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