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More branding?

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Joined: 2006-02-17

What does it mean to be nuxified? In the logo, how can that present itself a little softer to noobs? Will they understand NXFD? If you want widespread Linux and UNIX adoption, and this is a site for that type of user all the way up to the expert, how can Nuxified mean something to them?

For instance, take Google. It's become like a verb. It's started to mean something. It's even quoted in movies now.

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Joined: 2006-05-04

Well, the term "nuxified" was actually chosen around the middle of last year when I was deliberately searching for a name that would be fun and cool and therefore possibly friendly and attractive to new users.

To be "nuxified" means to be a free computer user, in a sense that you've discovered the "bliss" of using a computer with freedom, finally being in control, by using free software upon the free operating system.

This operating system is in most cases GNU/Linux while most of other free OS's usually have something to do with GNU. Either they use the GNU license or they heavily rely on GNU tools, so the term applies to most of them.

The term comes actually from both the term liNUX and gNU. As an user of any GNU based system and especially GNU/Linux, you are NUXIFIED. Smiling

That logo with the big Tux's foot and NXFD written on it, it is supposed to represent you getting slapped in the face by the Tuxes foot leaving a NXFD stamp on your forehead: thus getting you nuxified! It's a joke of course, but as I said the term and logo was meant to be fun. Smiling

That said, maybe there is a way to present this a bit clearer to new user. Maybe a better logo could ne necessary or maybe we should just explain this somewhere and link the explanation from a visible place so people know what it is..

Ideas for improvements are welcome.

EDIT: One idea that just crossed my mind is a sort of a "commercial", an animation (with audio) featuring tux slapping a viewer in the face and asking "Got 'NUX?" with a url at the end. Smiling I bet it'd be effective. Imagine releasing that to the flow on the internet.. what viral marketing would that be! Smiling

What does everyone think?


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Joined: 2005-12-21

Hmmm... I'm not sure if "linux is a kick in the face" is something you want to tell newbies.

Should it be pronounced "nuhxified" or "nooxified"?

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