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My Frugalware dissappointment...

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Joined: 2006-05-04

First time I tried Frugalware I installed from only one CD. The installation ended up feeling incomplete. I couldn't even find xorg.conf (which usually resides in /etc/X11 and now wasn't there). I was advised to just use pacman to get whatever I am missing. By getting GNOME, for example, all dependancies needed for it would be resolved as well.

But I chose to download the second CD instead and do it all over, from scratch. This time I've got a fully working system, but have encountered a few issues which are pretty much turning me off from Frugalware. It could be my fault though, which is one reason why I'm posting about it here..

For one, I noticed beep-media-player and some other programs wouldn't launch (from default KDE). I tried to launch it from terminal, but I only got a weird bus error (that's all it said). I suspected that my partition may be full (as I've tried to test playing some videos in gmplayer and have gotten some messages about not enough space) so I checked and root partition was indeed full. I though this may be the cause of the problem so I went and removed some programs, including, just to free some space.

But even after that, some programs wouldn't launch, at least not on GNOME and KDE. In Xfce beep-media-player actually launched.

Now, this is not all. In Frugalware package manager GUI program, whenever I click on one of the group items on the right to see what packages are in it, I have to wait for *minutes* just to see it while it is scratching around "creating list of packages". Even when I start the program I have to wait a bit for it to create a list of groups. If I'll have to wait this long for browsing through these groups then I might not use Frugalware package management GUI at all, and it is actually one of the good things about Frugalware.. The problem with package manager program continued even after I freed some space.

To top it all, the sound doesn't work as well and GNOME seemed a bit crashy.

Now, my first impressions with Frugalware apparently weren't so good and at this point I'd rather stay on my months old Arch installation than switch to Frugalware and start from that kind of scratch. I'm seriously starting to consider Ubuntu again.. riding the waves of user friendly GNU/Linux..

So if anyone else tried Frugalware, am I an isolated case or someone else had similar experiences?


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Joined: 2006-03-08
I second that the graphical

I second that the graphical package manager could be a lot better. This is a typical case of "command line works fine." - I know nothing about the not launching issue... it wouldn't be the dbus session bus as that is always available in gnome...

which version are you on ? At least on x86_64 I had the feeling that -current had gotten quite a lot better... and with the freeze and imminent 0.5 release you could upgrade if you are on wanda.

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Joined: 2006-05-04
I'm on 0.5RC1. I think that

I'm on 0.5RC1. I think that as an RC release it ought to work much better than it did for me.

I agree pacman works quite nicely from command line, but I was really looking forward to frugalpkg and comparing it to something like Synaptic. Pitty it didn't go as well as I anticipated...

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Joined: 2006-05-04
I gotta say, after a second

I gotta say, after a second try of Frugalware 0.5 my disappointment is dissappearing. Smiling

There are a few issues that I still have with it overall, like a very slow installation (and a totally weird tetris game that is available on one of the consoles during install), iptables firewall that was blocking my proxy so I had to disable it and a couple of proprietary packages which were included by default (java and flash).

But since it's only 0.5 and the development is fast moving (0.6 RC1 is already coming) these glitches may soon be corrected. They intend to make it possible to have a basic install only from one CD as I hear and I also hear there's work underway to replace java with GCJ which speaks that there is some effort going on into supporting free alternatives.

Even after they eventually get rid of flash and java, though, they wont be as pure as gNewSense because their repoman offers a slew of proprietary stuff to install, but at least it's an alternative repository you have to explicitely enable yourself. The main repository installable by pacman is all Free Software except flash, java, ati and nvidia drivers (yes, it seems that's all, just four packs).

I'm considering this distro as my primary one, even while I'll be trying and possibly running gNewSense as a secondary (it's Ubuntu Dapper stripped of nonfree stuff and I've been running Ubuntu Dapper just before this distro shuffle anyway). Smiling

Hmm.. maybe I should have written all of this as part of a review.. has done one for 0.5 release though. Smiling

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