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new: Community page and Develop wiki

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This strange title is to announce two new additions to the website:

  • now sums up the three "community tools" behind the website, ie this forum, the translations, and the develop wiki. It is linked to from the About page.
  • the develop wiki where the main projects can be read and written by anyone, so that 1) the development of the website is more open, and 2) anyone can participate more easily.

I hope that this will be helpful and interesting. It should at least make it clearer what is happening than the deprecated list I tried to maintain in this forum Smiling.

Side note: One issue I really did not expect is that the address could be cached (at least by Firefox). Before this was a redirect to this forum (this is now, but the change might not appear in everyone's browser (because even the redirect was cached).
To accomodate for this, I used the index.htm while defining the urls on In 21 days (the average cache history?) I will get back to "cleaner" urls.

The next two big things I plan to achieve are:
- better co-operation with and (discussed soon in the wiki)
- set-up of a translation mailing-list

As usual, your criticisms and comments are welcome!


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That looks really great and

That looks really great and professional. Getting better and better overall. Smiling

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