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We have some good news. has partnered with C3PC to be their official community support site. Here is an excerpt of the press release:

"Franklin, PA, USA, November 16, 2007: New Ideas Corp. and have announced a partnership to offer community-level software support for Linux-preloaded PCs from C3PC. is a Free Software community that provides forums, blogs, and tutorials that are not only used to support users of Free Software, and any issues they may encounter, but also sets out to educate the community about Free Software.

Ryan Cornmesser, President of New Ideas Corp., states, "We wanted to provide a place for our customers to go, to get quality community-level support without the need to start our own forum. There are already so many great Linux forums already on the internet with great communities behind them."

He continued, "Some of our staff already had a relationship with the community. Already receiving and giving advice on the forum. It just seemed like the perfect fit." -- Read it in whole here and if you digg the news do it here. and are preparing to hold a Free Software gaming tournament. Its purpose is to promote gaming in the Free Software world, on operating systems such as GNU/Linux, and *BSD and show that gaming is not limited to proprietary platforms such as Microsoft's Windows.

We would like to do this in a collaborative and open way so this first announcement serves as a call to everyone who may be interested to join us and help us build this tournament. One of the first things that we need to do is choose which games to include in the tournament and for that we need to set some criteria.

I am pleased to announce a brand new, redesigned, reloaded It in fact is the third version so the "reloaded" title from the Matrix trilogy is quite fitting. ;)

While the old look may have been decent, it featured the old three column layout spread out over the 100% of site's width with elements being in blocks. This was quite traditional, but not anymore as popular and liked in this "Web 2.0" era, and rightly so. The new design isn't blocky, leaves some breeding space on the sides, has larger fonts, is more colorful, less bloated and was designed to provide greater convenience to both new and existing visitors and users.

One of the best things about Free Software of which GNU/Linux is a flagship is its community and the willingness of so many people in it to help each other make their GNU/Linux and Free Software experience better. If something doesn't work, if you don't know how to do something, if you don't know what software you need for a task you want to do, whatever issue you have there is a great chance someone in the community will be not only able, but happily willing to help. On we are about to celebrate this trait throughout the month February of this year, in the form of a competition.

The first founding members of registered as early as 19th December 2005 and the "pre-launch" thread was created on 20th December 2005. These were the first signs of birth of a new Free Software and GNU/Linux support site in the Free Software web universe. I can still remember the IRC discussion that led to the decision to start a new site, and the excitement that usually accompanies new startups.

The official channel for has been moved from #nuxified (which still remains registered, but forwarded) to #tuxhacker on port 6667, a site independent GNU/Linux support channel which already has a growing community that we can participate in and benefit from. We are still allowed to mention and talk about when appropriate, but the channel itself is not necessarily endorsing either of the sites which recommend it, hence its independence. is a unique, friendly community powered Free Software support site launched in December 2005 as an alternative t

As part of the Libervis Network, was founded to be a community powered Free Software support site that wouldn't

Welcome everyone to the beginnings of a new web site! This site is now powered by Drupal, a powerful and highly extensible content management system and web development framework that just recently got it's newest and most amazing release which is of course now used here.

Thanks to Drupal we will be able to take this site in nearly any direction we would want. If we want a nice and functional articles system, it is already here. If we want to add something entirely unique, the tools to build it quickly are already available. No messy hacks that cause downtimes for every minor upgrade (which can often be the case with phpbb). With Drupal, everything should be possible and in a clean way.