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The official channel for has been moved from #nuxified (which still remains registered, but forwarded) to #tuxhacker on port 6667, a site independent GNU/Linux support channel which already has a growing community that we can participate in and benefit from. We are still allowed to mention and talk about when appropriate, but the channel itself is not necessarily endorsing either of the sites which recommend it, hence its independence. is a unique, friendly community powered Free Software support site launched in December 2005 as an alternative t

As part of the Libervis Network, was founded to be a community powered Free Software support site that wouldn't

Welcome everyone to the beginnings of a new web site! This site is now powered by Drupal, a powerful and highly extensible content management system and web development framework that just recently got it's newest and most amazing release which is of course now used here.

Thanks to Drupal we will be able to take this site in nearly any direction we would want. If we want a nice and functional articles system, it is already here. If we want to add something entirely unique, the tools to build it quickly are already available. No messy hacks that cause downtimes for every minor upgrade (which can often be the case with phpbb). With Drupal, everything should be possible and in a clean way.