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On, we strive to be as friendly to new users as we can. RTFM (usually standing for "Read the F*cking Manual") is mostly used in an unfriendly manner as a response to new users asking questions which to advanced users sound silly or they know the answer is somewhere in the manual.

Even if new user asked a question which indeed does have an answer in the manual, we believe it is better to point them to it in a friendly manner rather than stamp them with "RTFM" in their face!

Hence this "No RTFM!" sign. Eye


It's good to know!

It's good to know! Smiling

Not at all whisper!

Not at all whisper! Smiling

I hope I'm not being too

I hope I'm not being too annoying.. :lolol:

Agreed. Sometimes a newbie

Agreed. Sometimes a newbie should really go out and search or read the manual, but we don't have to be rude about that. I mean, if we should reply we better say it nicely rather than throwing yet another confusing acronym at them with an exclamation mark.


I think most people assume a user is entirely capable of using a search engine: A search for "man page" on Google reveals a site with a listing of man pages.

It gets very annoying retyping what a man page is 4,000 times, and it's almost as annoying looking up the explanation for them each time in order to link it.

People should never complain about technical assistance they get for free.

Hehe, man that makes me feel

Hehe, man that makes me feel kinda sorry for those guys. All the reason more to be nice to them. All of us were newbs at some things some time so we're not somehow better than them so much. Smiling

I imagine there will be

I imagine there will be quite many people who have tried typing "RTFM!" in a program they didn't understand Sticking out tongue .

That's even not as bad as

That's even not as bad as posts that say nothing but "RTFM!" and that's it. I've seen it numerous times. Though yes, an explanation of what exactly is a man page would be better than just saying to read it.. I can imagine how that can confuse a newbie.

I still remember once (on

I still remember once (on another site) being told to "read the man page" - of course I didn't know what a man page was at the time...