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On we provide resources on key open source technologies in belief that open source plays a crucial part in empowering individuals, improving society, and creating a better future.

The first founding members of registered as early as 19th December 2005 and the "pre-launch" thread was created on 20th December 2005. These were the first signs of birth of a new Free Software and GNU/Linux support site in the Free Software web universe. I can still remember the IRC discussion that led to the decision to start a new site, and the excitement that usually accompanies new startups.

The official channel for has been moved from #nuxified (which still remains registered, but forwarded) to #tuxhacker on port 6667, a site independent GNU/Linux support channel which already has a growing community that we can participate in and benefit from. We are still allowed to mention and talk about when appropriate, but the channel itself is not necessarily endorsing either of the sites which recommend it, hence its independence.

Zenwalk is a lightweight desktop oriented Slackware based GNU/Linux distribution that aims to be fast and user friendly. It is still quite new, but the growth, as well as the progress of development, has been pretty fast so far. I've taken a hike with the latest release, Zenwalk 4.0, and here's what I can say about it.

The latest distribution to be endorsed by the Free Soft is a unique, friendly community powered Free Software support site launched in December 2005 as an alternative t