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On we provide resources on key open source technologies in belief that open source plays a crucial part in empowering individuals, improving society, and creating a better future.

Despite the pervasive growth of mind share and even market share of GNU/Linux in various areas of use, and despite all the hype around GNU/Linux reaching the top this year with releases of Ubuntu Dapp


* First and foremost, keep things "fun" but not circus fun. Keep things cool. Stick with about 3 or 4 colors and gradients of those hues if you can. Don't add too many graphical items, but don't add too few.

Linux Kernel Compilation

From time to time you may need to install the Linux (the kernel) manually, this may be to get some new feature you want, or just to see what it's l

Welcome GUILinux members and all Free Software users!

After discussing ways in which the two sites could cooperate for the mutual benefit we have decided to join and communities to create a bigger and better Free Software support community at

Instead of maintaining two separate websites with the same direction, which seemed unproductive and felt like more of a competition than a great Free Software and GNU/Linux family, we think that together we can do more. We hope that all members and contributors feel welcome in their new home. And we hope that anyone that has questions about GNU/Linux (and even other Free Operating Systems), no matter how great or small, will still look to us for answers. By teaming up, we should be able to succeed in providing better and innovative support, better discussions, and a better community as a whole.

Ubuntu golden logo

The release of Ubuntu Dapper 6.06 caused a lot of buzz even before it