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On we provide resources on key open source technologies in belief that open source plays a crucial part in empowering individuals, improving society, and creating a better future.

Some of you might know that I use virtualization for quite some time already, usually to test other OSs and the development of EasyLFS without having to leave my working-environment, and without havin

Is it obligatory to say this? Noooo! It's fun and it's genuine! I wish you all a Merry Christmas and all best in the bound to be exciting new year 2008! Smiling

We have some good news. has partnered with C3PC to be their official community support site. Here is an excerpt of the press release:

"Franklin, PA, USA, November 16, 2007: New Ideas Corp. and have announced a partnership to offer community-level software support for Linux-preloaded PCs from C3PC. is a Free Software community that provides forums, blogs, and tutorials that are not only used to support users of Free Software, and any issues they may encounter, but also sets out to educate the community about Free Software.

Ryan Cornmesser, President of New Ideas Corp., states, "We wanted to provide a place for our customers to go, to get quality community-level support without the need to start our own forum. There are already so many great Linux forums already on the internet with great communities behind them."

He continued, "Some of our staff already had a relationship with the community. Already receiving and giving advice on the forum. It just seemed like the perfect fit." -- Read it in whole here and if you digg the news do it here.

In an exciting networked world we are living in, just about everything can be connected to anything. By all means that includes your mobile phone, at least if it is not more than a couple of years old. You can connect your mobile phone to your computer via bluetooth, or more commonly via USB, in which case it will also re-charge itself. Depending on your phone once it detects it has been connected to an USB port, it will offer to enter one of the two modes; a file transfer mode and a phone mode.

A file transfer mode will mount your phone to your desktop as if it was a disk (like an USB stick) and then you can move files back and forth between your hard disk and your phone (like putting a cool music file to use as your ring tone). However, what we will be focusing on here is the phone mode, which is quite interesting, because it allows you to, by using appropriate software, synchronize your phone and control it using your computer.

It is essentially important to add a programming language like ASP to your website by using ASP hosting.