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Nuxified 2007 Competition is about to start (update: it's on!)

One of the best things about Free Software of which GNU/Linux is a flagship is its community and the willingness of so many people in it to help each other make their GNU/Linux and Free Software experience better. If something doesn't work, if you don't know how to do something, if you don't know what software you need for a task you want to do, whatever issue you have there is a great chance someone in the community will be not only able, but happily willing to help. On we are about to celebrate this trait throughout the month February of this year, in the form of a competition.

The competition is all about helping each other with our GNU/Linux and generally Free Software related issues as much and as best as we can. We provide you with an incentive and a reward to do your best. There are two people that can win a prize in this competition. One is a random person among everyone who asks a question on Nuxified forums within february and another is to the person who helps the most people solve issues they presented on within February. In short, the prize goes to a random "asker" and the best "helper" (or answerer).

The prize is attractive. If you win, you get to choose anything from our prize catalog (up to $50 of value, sponsored by Libervis Network. The best helper gets a bonus in form of a book sponsored by our community member dylunio, "Classic Shell Scripting".

The competition officially starts very soon, on February 1st at 00:00 UTC. This is when we will start noting new threads and posts keeping track of who asks questions and who helps with an answer. We invite you to join us now and start participating, since only by participating, even if you only ask for help you gain a chance to win a prize.

For more information about the competition please take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (feel free to suggest other questions in comments) and competition guidelines (recommended if you want to better understand how the competition works). If you don't have a Nuxified account yet, you can open one here.

List of prizes.

If you'd like to promote this competition please invite your friends or link to us from your site. If you'd like to use a banner here's one:

Good luck and see you in our forums!

Update: The competition has officially started! :)


Competition ends about 5

Competition ends about 5 hours, that is at 00:00 tonight GMT. The winner among helpers will be quite obvious to moderators, and the winner among askers will be drawn using a bot on IRC, most likely at #tuxhacker. You'll be informed of everything in due time. Smiling

Thanks to everyone who participated, well, thanks to anyone who simply asked questions or helped others answer their own, and for continuing doing that, keeping this community alive.


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