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Nuxified 2007 Competition Rules & Guidelines

Nuxified competition has some simple rules and guidelines. We recommend you read this to know how this competition works.

If you have a question you'd like to ask in our forums you are considered a part of the "askers" group within this competition, referring to everyone who asks for help on any technical matter regarding GNU/Linux and Free Software. If you help someone by answering their question or helping them reach the answer or do what they wish to do you are considered to be a "helper" in this competition. A member can, of course, be both at the same time.

So let's start with some guidelines for those who ask questions.


  • Please try to ask your question in a way that makes it clear what you are asking about and what you wish to accomplish. Let potential helpers know what exactly you need help with so that they can more easily help you.
  • Once you ask your question please show interest and check back for answers and participate in your thread. Don't just leave it there. If your question is answered with a first reply, it would be nice to say thank you. Askers who ask their question and then leave without coming back to participate in their own thread do not qualify to be included in a pool from which we will draw the lucky winner for the askers prize.
  • Double accounts are not allowed on Please do not register multiple times with different usernames or email addresses in order to increase your chances of winning your prize. We offer a prize in order to motivate you to ask your question on, but you really do have to have a genuine question or interest in learning something new about GNU/Linux and Free Software. Any attempt to scam us will result in you being disqualified from the pool.
  • Everyone who asks a support question regarding GNU/Linux and other Free Software within February 2007 and is qualified to these rules is included in a pool from which a random lucky winner of the askers prize will be chosen
  • The askers prize includes one prize item he/she chooses from the list of prizes, up to $50 of value, sponsored by Libervis Network.


  • Helpers compete with each other in how much and how many times they help someone with their issue on GNU/Linux (and any other Free Software). The best helpers quickly gain positive recognition for their contribution and are to be highly appreciated members of our community.
  • Helpers are rated by assigning points to their helpful posts (which is every post that answers a question or helps answer a question or resolve an issue). Moderators will keep track of these posts and record points in a special temporarily private forum designed for this purpose. Posts that answer a question or resolve the issue completely are given 2 points. Posts which answer a question partly or just provide pointers for finding an answer are given 1 point. If you write an excellent helpful blog entry you get 3 points.
  • The helper with most points after the end of February wins the competition and the helpers prize that goes with it.
  • The helpers prize includes anything from the list of prizes sponsored by Libervis Network plus the book "Classic Shell Scripting" sponsored by our valued member dylunio.

General rules

  • The competition officially starts February 1st at 00:00 UTC and ends March 1st 00:00 UTC lasting through the whole February 2007.
  • A winner of the askers prize will be drawn at a date that will be announced after the end of the competition, but before 5th March. Drawing will be done in a public way, on an IRC channel at #tuxhacker on, using a supybot random quote module fed with names of the qualified participants.
  • March 5th 2007 at 12:00 we will officially announce the winners of both prizes on our site.
  • After the end of the competition, the forum where moderators have been recording points for helpers will be temporarily made public, in order to ensure that everything is fair.

Thank you for participating and good luck! Smiling