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Nuxified Competition 2007 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Nuxified Competition 2007?

It is a way to motivate the community to compete to help each other with their GNU/Linux (and other Free Software) issues. We offer you a chance to win a nice prize just by asking for help or helping others, by that in a way celebrating this unique trait of the Free Software world, a cooperative mutual community support. This competition also promotes as one of the friendliest, classiest and most user-centered Free Software help community sites.

How does it work?

We have two sorts of people that we're counting on in this competition, quite plainly dubbed "askers" and "helpers". Askers are those who ask questions about something they need help with. Helpers are those who answer those questions helping people do what they'd like to do with Free Software they use. In this competition one of both groups wins a prize, but in a different way. The winner among askers is someone that will be randomly drawn from everyone who asks a question within the time the competition lasts while the winner among helpers is the one which helps others the most and the best, as determined by our rating system.

What is the rating system of this competition?

Askers are not rated, although there are some rules which apply for someone asking a question to qualify for inclusion in the pool from which we draw the lucky winner.
However, the helpers are rated by assigning points per every post they make which helps someone in some way. If a post helps answer the given question only partially (like a pointer or a related tip) that helper is given 1 point for that post. If the post answers a question completely that helper gets 2 points. If you write a really great and useful blog entry you can get 3 points. All posts are being watched by moderators who record points for helpful posts awarding them to their authors.

How do I win a prize?

It's quite simple. Just participate, ask for help and help others as well. Just by asking for help you enter the drawing pool for a prize automatically. But by striving to be the best among best in also helping others with their GNU/Linux and Free Software you can win a prize as the best helper even if you don't get drawn from the pool of askers.

Basically, all you do is what you do on any other technical support forums, only here for this special month you can get a nice bonus out of it, in addition to help, friends and community recognition.

How will winners be determined?

We have two prizes and both are whatever the winners choose from our list. One prize goes to a random "asker", that is a random person among anyone who asks a question within the time of the competition. Another prize goes to the best helper, which is the one with most points for helpful posts. See above for how the posts are awarded (rating system).