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Nuxified for 10 years

Here is a nice story by Joe Barr marking his 10th anniversarry of using GNU/Linux. I like the conclusion. Eye

""Ten years on, Linux is no longer just a blip on the horizon or a cool alternative platform, or a choice made only for cost savings. Instead, it is being chosen by enterprises around the globe for reasons of security and reliability, as well as for cost savings and the freedom it offers from the chains of monopoly lock-in. I believe the course ahead is for more of the same. Even if world domination always remains just over the horizon, Linux is destined to become the dominant platform on server and desktop alike.""


and in coming years, there

and in coming years, there will be more and more nuxified decades - until itself grows that old ?
That story is a rather nice read Smiling

Vary nice article, I

Vary nice article, I lookforward to when I can write my 10 years...

Oh man, in 10

Oh man, in 10 years? That will be something, and so many "decades of GNU/Linux" articles! Smiling

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