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Official announcement for forums

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Joined: 2006-05-04

Nuxified forums have been in operation for almost two months already. We could call it a "beta period" however, since there was no real official launch or any announcement about it whatsoever. It was kickstarted out of the dozen or so founding members. However, time is overdue to make that official announcement and let the rest of the world know that we are here.

So, what is It is a new GNU/Linux and Free Software support forums site started with the goal of being completely community driven, using exclusively Free Software (so no switching to vBulletin for example is to be expected at ANY time) and as part of Libervis Network with no contradictory and annoying advertising you could so often see on other similar forum sites. forums is a place where your opinion does matter and your suggestions are heard. Just ask any of our present members and I believe they will confirm it. We were infact starting this place as a response to the increasing trend among other such forum sites that starts to go away from this "community driven" approach to a more "business driven" approach where community members get to have a say in less and less cases.

You might not think that this is really all that important as long as you can come, ask a question and get some help regarding whatever problem bothers you, but if we are to have a healthy community then it has to be founded on cooperation and respect for every of its members, no matter if he is just a newbie who just joined up to get some help or a long time site moderator. Ultimately, such an online community based on respect and cooperation is more likely to offer better quality of help towards those who are just joining the Free Software world. forums also support other operating systems besides GNU/Linux and all of its flavors, such as OpenSolaris and BSD's as well as any other free (as in freedom) operating system. We're more of a general Free Software support forum site then a GNU/Linux centric one, although, for the obvious reasons of popularity and number of people using it GNU/Linux may appear to have an advantage.

Exciting times are ahead for and I invite you to come and join us in making this community one of the friendliest and most exciting Free Software communities on the web.

Thank you

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