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One CD distros without nonfree software

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I think it might be useful to list all distros which are available only on one CD and do not include any non-free software by default on that CD. If it grows, we might make this topic a sticky.

It is always easiest to try distros which come on only one distro with all the essential basics you can expand on later so I think that has some value. And of course, not including proprietary software has value of avoiding potential legal liability and agreeing to privative (freedom restricting) licensing agreements.

To start with some obvious ones from top of my head we have..

- Ubuntu-libre (coming with Edgy Eft)
- Mandriva Limited Edition (correct me if this has changed)
- Fedora Core 6 (to be released soon and be available on 1CD without nonfree software, according to a_thing)

Add more you know about...

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ubuntu does not contain only

ubuntu does not contain only free software. AFAIK it also includes some non-free kernel modules.
I'm not sure whether openSUSE is installable from one CD, or whether it's entirely free software...that might be worth checking.

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You know, that makes me a

You know, that makes me a bit angry. If it includes nonfree kernel modules that means it's not even easy to remove.

Anyway I updated the original post to mention Ubuntu-libre instead.

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